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The reason why I created this website is that one nice day I encountered an old soviet mosaic and remembered how I liked to see them in streets of my hometown Tbilisi as a kid. I saw them in all unexpected places, on abandoned warehouses, old factories, sometimes on main street buildings too. As a child I always got attracted by colors of those mosaics (content didn't interest me much). Now, I looked at them all differently - though Georgians don't really like to remember their Soviet past, I can't deny that I was born in USSR and all this small symbols remind me of my childhood years (which, in spite of all the hard times, are nice to remember :) ).

Anyways, these mosaics are not considered of any value and i'm afraid soon, little by little, most of them will be destroyed. I decided to photograph all the mosaics i can find in streets of Tbilisi and other places around Georgia and save them here, at least in favor of my childhood memories :) To my surprise, I found many interesting and funny details in those mosaics. Most part of them depicts facts from Soviet propaganda, though there are also mosaics (made in soviet period) describing facts and characters from Georgian history.

Unfortunately there's not much information about those mosaics, so if you're interested in helping you'll be more than welcome!

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